Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Last Time We Say Goodbye by Cynthia Hand

What a sad, sad, book. Lex's brother commits suicide and nothing will ever be the same. Is there something she could have done to prevent this?

To add to Lex's guilt, her brother reached out to her that awful night, and she didn't respond to him.

Everything falls apart in Lex's life. She breaks up with her boyfriend, removes herself from her friends, and doesn't even get excited when she's accepted to MIT.

Cynthia Hand does a lovely job describing the love between Lex and her brother and the devastation that suicide causes.

This book may upset some readers, but mature students will be able to appreciate this story despite their tears when reading.


  1. What's with all of the sad, sad books lately? The thing I liked about Stronger Than You Know was the feeling of hope and the fact that she improved. I thought about giving The Last Time to my daughter as bibliotherapy, but she doesn't need any more reminders than she already has. I don't like how YA books tend to encourage wallowing in bad thoughts.

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